Waterbury Jury Grants $14.4 Million Verdict in Medical Malpractice Lawsuit Over Collapsed Imaging Table

WATERBURY, Connecticut – In a significant victory for the plaintiffs, attorneys from Silver Golub & Teitell have successfully secured a $14.4 million award in a medical malpractice lawsuit. The case involved an incident where an imaging table collapsed, causing severe injuries to the plaintiff and necessitating multiple surgeries. The trial concluded on Friday, as a Waterbury jury determined that James Griswold and his wife Diana Griswold should receive a total of $9 million in compensation. Of this amount, James Griswold was awarded $3 million in economic damages and an additional $4 million for the pain … Read more

New Michigan Law Targets Noxious Weeds, Grants Protections for Vital Milkweed

LANSING, Mich. (AP) — Michigan has recently enacted a law designed to combat the spread of noxious weeds while also offering protection for milkweed, a crucial plant for monarch butterflies. The legislation aims to eradicate specific noxious weeds and grants local government bodies the authority to appoint commissioners and allocate funding for the control of these plants. Under the new law, certain plants including Canada thistle, dodders, wild carrot, poison ivy, and poison sumac are classified as noxious weeds. Additionally, any plants deemed a “common nuisance” can also be included in this category. However, the … Read more

Warren County ESC Prevails as Court Grants Injunction, Securing Victory in Lawsuit Against State

FRANKLIN, Ohio – A court has granted an injunction in favor of Warren County Educational Service Center (ESC) in its lawsuit against the state. The ruling comes after the ESC filed a lawsuit opposing a new law that affects their funding. The ESC is a school district service provider for 10 local schools in the county. The lawsuit centered around a law that changed how the ESC calculates its funding in relation to the number of students enrolled in online and in-person classes. The ESC argued that the law resulted in a significant cut in … Read more

Homeless Woman vs. Grants Pass: Supreme Court to Decide Landmark Case on Criminalizing Survival

Portland, Oregon – Ed Johnson, a prominent lawyer and tour guide at the U.S. Supreme Court in the late 1980s, is set to return to the iconic building on April 22. However, this time he won’t be giving tours. Johnson, the director of litigation at the Oregon Law Center, will be involved in arguing “Grants Pass v. Johnson,” a significant case that could shape how cities address the issue of homelessness. In this case, Johnson will be representing Gloria Johnson, a homeless woman who alleges that the Grants Pass police attempted to force her out … Read more