Disgraced Former Miami Judge Disbarred for Dishonesty and Intimidation, Ending Controversial Legal Career

MIAMI, FL — A former Miami-Dade County Circuit judge, Mike Mirabal, may be marked by twenty years of membership in the Florida Bar this December, but his career descends into ignominy following a recent disbarment order. The Florida Supreme Court issued a stern rebuke, discharging Mirabal on grounds of “deliberate dishonesty,” echoing concerns of long-standing unethical behavior in his roles within the legal field. The troubles trace back to Mirabal’s efforts to secure a judicial post. His disbarment specifically roots from discrepancies and misconduct during his electoral campaign for a county judge position in 2018 … Read more

Governor Names Experienced Prosecutor as Miami County’s Newest Municipal Court Judge

Columbus, Ohio — A seasoned prosecutor with extensive experience in trial law has been appointed as the new judge of the Miami County Municipal Court, officials announced Thursday. The appointment made by Governor Mike DeWine fills a critical vacancy, promising to bring a high level of legal acumen and commitment to the bench in southwestern Ohio. The newly appointed judge, Sarah Johnson, steps into her judicial role after dedicating over 20 years to public service as a prosecutor, where she handled felony criminal cases, including homicide and major drug offenses. Her impressive track record in … Read more

Yung Miami Responds to Prostitution Allegations: Denies Being a ‘Prostitute’ After Lawsuit Filed by Lil Rod

MIAMI, FLORIDA – Yung Miami, the ex-girlfriend of Sean “Diddy” Combs, has spoken out to deny allegations of being a “prostitute.” The denial comes in response to a lawsuit filed by Rodney “Lil Rod” Jones. The controversy was further fueled when rapper 50 Cent shared a video on Instagram of Yung Miami referring to herself as a “whore.” Yung Miami clarified in the comments section that the term was being taken out of context and was a slang term her gay cousin used. In a subsequent Instagram post, 50 Cent expressed that he had no … Read more

New Lawsuit Filed Against Companies Involved in Terrifying Boat Crash Near Port Miami, Leaving Multiple People Injured

Miami, Florida – A new lawsuit has been filed in Miami against the companies involved in a frightening boat crash that occurred near Port Miami last month, leaving more than a dozen people injured. Stephanie and Matthew Camarato were passengers on the Thriller tour boat on February 11 when they were struck by a 43-foot charter boat, the Obelix. Attorney Jack Hickey, who is representing the Camaratos, described the devastating incident, stating, “Everybody’s having a good time one minute. The next minute their lives are shattered, changed forever.” The lawsuit alleges that Stephanie Camarato, a … Read more