El Paso Judge Orders Release of Illegal Migrants Involved in Border Riot Overwhelmed by National Guard in Easter Sunday Ruling

El Paso, Texas – On Easter Sunday, a judge in El Paso ordered the release of undocumented migrants accused of participating in a “border riot” earlier this month when a stampede overwhelmed National Guard troops along the Rio Grande. The judge made his ruling during an online teleconference bond hearing after the El Paso District Attorney’s Office was not prepared to proceed with detention hearings for each defendant. The riot occurred on March 21, when a group of over 300 migrants attempted to enter the U.S. illegally by rushing a border fence in El Paso. … Read more

New Lawsuit Filed Against Companies Involved in Terrifying Boat Crash Near Port Miami, Leaving Multiple People Injured

Miami, Florida – A new lawsuit has been filed in Miami against the companies involved in a frightening boat crash that occurred near Port Miami last month, leaving more than a dozen people injured. Stephanie and Matthew Camarato were passengers on the Thriller tour boat on February 11 when they were struck by a 43-foot charter boat, the Obelix. Attorney Jack Hickey, who is representing the Camaratos, described the devastating incident, stating, “Everybody’s having a good time one minute. The next minute their lives are shattered, changed forever.” The lawsuit alleges that Stephanie Camarato, a … Read more

Arizona Grand Jury Subpoenas Republicans Involved in Attempted 2020 Election Overturn

Phoenix, Arizona – A grand jury in Arizona has issued subpoenas to Republicans involved in the effort to overturn the 2020 presidential election by submitting falsified paperwork claiming that Donald Trump won the state’s 11 electoral votes. The exact number of subpoenas issued to the Trump electors is unclear, but most of the 11 individuals received the legal documents on Wednesday. The subpoenas request that each of the Republicans testify before the grand jury regarding their role in the elector plan. These subpoenas come as part of a year-long investigation led by Arizona Attorney General … Read more

Attorney Withdraws from Trial, Delaying Second Trial for Woman Involved in Fatal Crash

Sanilac County, MI – Theresa Gafken’s second trial has been further postponed as her defense attorney seeks to withdraw from the case. Patrick Politano, who began representing Gafken in September, has stated his inability to continue as her defense attorney due to taking on a new job as an attorney for Sanilac County. In his motion to withdraw, Politano has designated defense attorney Sharon Parrish to take over Gafken’s defense. As a result, Gafken’s trial has been rescheduled from March 12 to May 14, allowing Parrish enough time to familiarize herself with the case. The … Read more