Texas Women’s Lives Hang in the Balance: The Terrifying Reality of Miscarriage in the Wake of Abortion Restrictions

HOUSTON, Texas – In a harrowing account, a woman from Texas shares her traumatic experience of suffering a miscarriage in a state where access to abortion services has been severely restricted. The woman, Erin A. Snider, recounts enduring excruciating pain and uncertainty during her miscarriage, with no guarantee of receiving the medical care she needed. Snider’s story highlights the dangerous consequences of recent laws that have limited reproductive rights in Texas. Snider’s ordeal began on Labor Day when she went to the emergency room after experiencing bleeding. Fearful of the worst, she reached out to … Read more

Victory for Brittany Watts: Ohio Woman Cleared of Criminal Charges in Home Miscarriage Case

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — A grand jury in Ohio has decided not to charge Brittany Watts, a woman from Warren, with abuse of a corpse for her handling of a home miscarriage. The case drew national attention due to its implications for pregnant women as states across the country debate new laws on reproductive health care access following the overturning of Roe v. Wade. The Trumbull County prosecutor’s office announced the grand jury’s decision on January 11, just hours before a rally of about 150 supporters gathered in Warren to show their support for Watts. … Read more

Woman Cleared of Criminal Charges After Miscarriage, Advocates Celebrate Victory for Reproductive Rights

Warren, Ohio – An Ohio woman who faced a criminal charge after suffering a miscarriage at home will not be indicted, according to the decision made by a Trumbull County grand jury on Thursday. The case, which drew criticism from reproductive rights advocates, was dismissed by the grand jury. Brittany Watts, 34, of Warren, Ohio, had been charged with felony abuse of a corpse after she miscarried last September and passed her nonviable fetus in her bathroom. Watts was initially facing a $2,500 fine and up to a year in prison. However, with the grand … Read more

Ohio Grand Jury Drops Felony Abuse of a Fetus Charge Against Black Woman After Miscarriage

Warren, Ohio – A grand jury in Ohio has decided against indicting a Black woman on charges of felony abuse of a corpse following a miscarriage. The grand jury’s decision means that 34-year-old Brittany Watts will not face criminal charges, according to a statement released by the Trumbull County prosecutor’s office. Watts’ attorney, Traci Timko, expressed her satisfaction with the outcome, stating that “justice has been served”. Watts suffered a miscarriage when she was approximately 22 weeks pregnant after being informed by her doctors that the pregnancy was not viable. The incident occurred on September … Read more