Critical Analysis Reveals States’ Insufficient Efforts to Improve Teacher Preparation for Evidence-Based Reading Instruction

Denver, Colorado – As states across the country pass new laws to reform reading instruction, there are concerns about whether these changes will actually lead to improved student outcomes. According to a recent analysis by the National Council on Teacher Quality (NCTQ), many states are not doing enough to prepare and train teachers in evidence-based methods, which could hinder their ability to effectively teach literacy to students. The NCTQ report argues that more than half of the states have not provided specific enough guidance for teacher-preparation programs, nor have they adequately evaluated these programs or … Read more

Former Justice of the Peace Convicted of Triple Murder Seeks New Death Penalty Trial, Citing Biased Judge and Inadequate Preparation

TERRELL, Texas — Eric Williams, a former justice of the peace who committed a triple murder over a decade ago, is seeking a new death penalty trial, according to a court document. Williams alleges that his defense attorneys did not have sufficient time to prepare for trial or review the overwhelming evidence. He also claims that the judge was biased and that moving the case to Rockwall County did not provide him with a fair trial. In January 2013, Williams donned a tactical vest and black mask as he gunned down prosecutor Mark Hasse a … Read more