Judge Expands Gag Order in Trump’s Hush-Money Trial, Protects Families from Rancorous Attacks

NEW YORK (AP) — The judge presiding over former President Donald Trump’s hush-money criminal trial has taken stricter action against him after he made false claims about the judge’s daughter on social media. Manhattan Judge Juan M. Merchan expanded the existing gag order, which had prohibited public statements about witnesses and jurors, to include Trump’s family as well. The judge stated that such attacks on family members serve no legitimate purpose and only inject fear into participants in the trial. Violating the expanded gag order could result in Trump being held in contempt of court, … Read more

Texas Judge Halts Paxton’s Move, Protects Privacy Rights of Transgender Minors

A Texas judge has issued a temporary order preventing Attorney General Ken Paxton from obtaining medical records of transgender minors. The decision came after a request made by Paxton to the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services to hand over records of children who have sought gender-affirming care. This move by Paxton was part of his ongoing legal battle against a state agency’s policy that allows transgender youth in foster care to access medical treatments without court approval. The judge’s ruling came in response to a lawsuit filed by four teens and three parents. … Read more

New California Law Puts an End to Surprise Ambulance Bills, Protects Consumers

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) – A new law in California is aiming to protect consumers from surprise ambulance bills by implementing stricter regulations. Under the recently enacted legislation, patients will now be charged no more than their in-network cost for ambulance services. The law also includes provisions to limit charges for uninsured individuals to the Medi-Cal or Medicare rates. These measures are intended to provide consumers with greater transparency and financial protection when it comes to emergency medical transportation. Katie Van Deynze, a policy and legislative advocate for Health Access California, explained that the new law … Read more

Wisconsin Court Ruling Protects Absentee Ballots with Minor Errors, Ensures Voting Rights

MADISON, Wis. – A recent court ruling in Wisconsin has resolved a legal dispute over the acceptance of absentee ballots with minor errors. The ruling allows election clerks in the state to accept such ballots, even if they contain incomplete witness addresses. This decision comes after a contentious battle between conservatives and liberals in the battleground state. The lawsuit, brought by the League of Women Voters of Wisconsin, sought to clarify the voting rights protections for absentee voters whose ballots have minor errors in listing their witnesses’ addresses. The Dane County Circuit Court ultimately ruled … Read more