Florida to Vote on Recreational Marijuana Legalization in November, Could Join 24 Other States

TALLAHASsee, Fla. — As election season approaches, Floridians are gearing up to vote on a significant ballot initiative that could see the state become the 25th in the U.S. to legalize marijuana for recreational use. This proposed amendment, set for a decision this November, targets adults aged 21 and over, allowing them to use marijuana for non-medical purposes. The discussion around marijuana legalization in Florida is nothing new. While currently, the use of marijuana for leisure remains illegal, medical marijuana has been legal for those with qualifying health conditions since a statewide referendum in 2016 … Read more

Germany Takes Bold Step: Recreational Cannabis Now Legalized Despite Opposition

Berlin, Germany – In a historic move that has drawn both praise and criticism, Germany has become the largest European Union country to legalize recreational cannabis. This decision comes despite fierce objections from opposition politicians and medical associations. Under the new law, adults over the age of 18 are now allowed to possess up to 25 grams of dried cannabis and cultivate up to three marijuana plants at home. These changes position Germany alongside Malta and Luxembourg as one of the most lenient countries in Europe when it comes to cannabis legislation. The Netherlands, known … Read more

Recreational Marijuana Sales Linked to Surge in Workplace Injuries Among Young Adults, Reveals New Study

MILWAUKEE, WI – The legalization of recreational marijuana is linked to an increase in workplace injuries among young adults, according to a recent study published in JAMA Health Forum. Ling Li, Ph.D., and colleagues from the University of Wisconsin-Parkside in Somers examined data on workplace injuries among workers aged 20 to 34 years, comparing states with and without recreational marijuana laws (RMLs). The researchers found that RML adoption was associated with a significant 12.9 percent increase in workplace injuries per 100 full-time workers. Upon further analysis, the study also revealed that states that permitted the … Read more