Cannabis Control Division Faces Lawsuit Over Unlawful Product Recall on 4-Year Anniversary of Legal Marijuana Sales in New Mexico

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. – The Cannabis Control Division in New Mexico is facing a new lawsuit as the state marks four years of legal recreational marijuana sales. Instead of celebration, a local cannabis manufacturer has taken legal action against the division over a recent product recall. The manufacturer claims that the recall was “unlawful” and that the state did not follow its own rules in issuing the recall. According to Jacob Candelaria, attorney for Pharmers LLC, the recalled products were manufactured by his clients in the fall of 2022 and passed all required tests mandated by … Read more

Germany Takes Bold Step: Recreational Cannabis Now Legalized Despite Opposition

Berlin, Germany – In a historic move that has drawn both praise and criticism, Germany has become the largest European Union country to legalize recreational cannabis. This decision comes despite fierce objections from opposition politicians and medical associations. Under the new law, adults over the age of 18 are now allowed to possess up to 25 grams of dried cannabis and cultivate up to three marijuana plants at home. These changes position Germany alongside Malta and Luxembourg as one of the most lenient countries in Europe when it comes to cannabis legislation. The Netherlands, known … Read more

Firefighter Convicted of Kidnapping in Cannabis Theft Retaliation, Faces City Employment Review

ESTACADA, Oregon – A Portland firefighter has been found guilty of two counts of first-degree kidnapping after locking a man inside a shipping container in a bid to recover stolen cannabis. Douglas Bourland, 48, had allegedly scared Colbey Fleishman into revealing the whereabouts of around 260 pounds of marijuana that he had stolen from Bourland’s business, the Oregon Hemp House. The trial lasted for three days before a Multnomah County jury delivered the guilty verdicts against Bourland. He has been on unpaid leave from Portland Fire & Rescue since his indictment in August 2021. The … Read more

Study Contradicts Concerns About Increased Youth Cannabis Use in Legal States

Las Vegas, Nevada – The debate surrounding the impact of legalizing cannabis on youth use has long been a contentious issue. Critics often argue that legalization could lead to an increase in cannabis consumption among young people. However, recent research is challenging this notion and providing valuable insights into the actual effects of cannabis reform. A recent study shed light on the prevalence of delta-8 THC use among high school seniors, a hemp-derived cannabinoid that is widely accessible outside of the legal cannabis industry. This raises questions about the extent of teen cannabis use in … Read more