California Prison Deemed ‘Rape Club’ Requires Unbiased Oversight, Judge Rules

As a result of a recent ruling, a California prison facility known as the “rape club” will now be subject to oversight to address the reported sexual assaults and harassment within its walls. The ruling was made by a judge in the city of Sacramento, bringing attention to the urgent need for improved safety measures in the state’s correctional institutions. The ruling comes after a lawsuit was filed against the Donovan Correctional Facility, located in San Diego County, alleging a rampant culture of sexual violence. The facility, which houses more than 3,800 inmates, has been … Read more

Donald Trump’s Fight Against $83.3 Million Defamation Penalty Requires High-Value Collateral and Insurance Bond

New York, USA – Former President Donald Trump is set to challenge the $83.3 million defamation penalty imposed by a federal jury in the E. Jean Carroll case. However, before pursuing an appeal, Trump will need to pay the amount in question to the court. This poses a challenge for Trump, as the hefty sum exceeds what most individuals, even the extremely wealthy, have readily available. To meet this requirement, Trump will likely need to obtain an appeal bond, a specialized form of insurance that demands substantial collateral. Trump will not be able to simply … Read more

New Hawaii Law Requires Transparency and Accountability in Police Use of Force

HONOLULU, HAWAII – A new law took effect on January 1st, requiring all police agencies in Hawaii to have accessible written policies on the use of force. This legislation, known as Act 190, also allows these policies and related training to be presented as evidence in legal proceedings. The law mandates that law enforcement officers report instances of excessive force by their colleagues and receive training aimed at reducing the use of excessive force. Act 190 was signed into law by Governor Josh Green in July of the previous year. The bill, Senate Bill 151, … Read more

New Law Requires Small LLCs to File Beneficial Ownership Information Report: What Artists and Self-Employed Creatives Need to Know

New York, United States – Starting from January 1, 2024, a law known as the Corporate Transparency Act will have implications for solo artists, performers, writers, and creatives who have Limited Liability Companies (LLCs) or are considering forming one. The law aims to combat financial crimes, including money laundering and terrorism, by requiring businesses formed through their state’s Secretary of State to file a report called a Beneficial Ownership Information Report (BOI). The report will identify the “beneficial owners” of LLCs and other entities. The primary target of this law is small LLCs, often single-member … Read more