Madison County Lawyer Permanently Disbarred for Multiple Offenses, Ordered to Pay Restitution

Jackson, Tennessee – Angela Joy Hopson, a lawyer from Madison County, has been permanently disbarred from practicing law by the Supreme Court of Tennessee, according to a recent news release. The disbarment comes after Hopson was found guilty of multiple offenses, including misappropriating client money, failing to appear in court, misleading clients, and failing to communicate the status of cases to clients. She has also been ordered to pay restitution totaling $35,234 to eight individuals, in addition to the costs of the disciplinary proceedings. This is not the first time Hopson has faced disciplinary action. … Read more

Judge Orders Sexual Assault Convict to Pay $150,000 in Restitution, Victim Passes Away Months Later

Appleton, Wisconsin – In March of last year, Outagamie County Judge Vincent Biskupic ordered a man convicted of sexually assaulting a minor to pay $150,000 in restitution to the county for mental health services. Surprisingly, the county did not want to request any money, as they believed seeking it would “revictimize the victim.” Unfortunately, eight months after the sentencing, the victim unexpectedly passed away at the age of 18. The case raises questions about the complexities and consequences of seeking restitution in cases of sexual assault. While the intention behind requiring offenders to pay restitution … Read more

Mahoning County Judge Pleads Guilty to Hit-and-Run Crash with Bicyclist: Restitution Questions Linger

Canfield, Ohio – R. Scott Krichbaum, a judge in Mahoning County Common Pleas Court, has pleaded guilty to reckless operation and improperly overtaking/passing a vehicle after crashing his SUV into a bicyclist. However, the legal consequences for Krichbaum may not be over. Krichbaum, 71, was fined $400 with $100 in court costs by visiting judge David E. Stucki from Stark County. The incident occurred on November 16th when Krichbaum crashed into 19-year-old Cameron J. Wyant on Sharrott Road in Beaver. Wyant was thrown off his bicycle and into a ditch. Krichbaum left the scene, and … Read more

Outagamie County Judge Orders Unwanted Restitution in Sexual Assault Case, Drawing Controversy and Criticism

Outagamie County Judge Vincent Biskupic has ordered a man convicted of sexually assaulting a minor to pay $150,000 in restitution to the county for mental health services, despite the county’s decision not to request any money out of concern for retraumatizing the victim. The victim, who had just turned 18, tragically passed away unexpectedly eight months after the sentencing. This case highlights the challenges and limited success in reporting and prosecuting sexual assault cases, with only 31% of assaults being reported, 5% of perpetrators being arrested, and just 2.8% of cases resulting in felony convictions, … Read more