Explosive Filing Exposes Trump’s Lawyer Denying Computer Ownership: Shocking Revelation in Jack Smith Case

WASHINGTON, DC – In a recent court filing, it was revealed that former Trump lawyer Jack Smith claimed to not own a computer, despite evidence suggesting otherwise. The filing comes as part of an ongoing investigation into alleged misuse of campaign funds by the former president. The revelation has sparked questions about the credibility of Smith’s statements and raises concerns about potential attempts to withhold information. The court filing, submitted on Friday, disclosed Smith’s claim that he did not own a computer during the time he served as Trump’s personal lawyer. However, this assertion contradicts … Read more

Jury Shares Recommendations to Prevent Future Tragedies After James Smith Cree Nation Stabbing Massacre

Melfort, Saskatchewan – The coroner’s inquest into the devastating stabbing massacre at James Smith Cree Nation has come to a close after more than two weeks of testimony. The jury, comprised of six individuals, has reached a consensus and is now sharing its recommendations aimed at preventing similar tragedies in the future. The inquest, which began on January 15, focused on the events that unfolded on September 4, 2022, when Myles Sanderson took the lives of 11 individuals, including 10 from James Smith Cree Nation and one from the neighboring village of Weldon. Over the … Read more

Jury Members Selected for High-Stakes Inquest into James Smith Stabbing: Intense Testimonies and Expert Analysis Await

Saskatoon, SK – Jury selection has concluded for the inquest into the James Smith Cree Nation stabbing incident, as eight jurors have been chosen to make recommendations once the inquiry is completed. However, only six of the jurors will be able to make recommendations, with two serving as backups. The selected jurors are not allowed to have any relationship or connection with the victims, lawyers, or witnesses involved in the case. At first, plans were in place for an entirely Indigenous jury, but the leaders of the James Smith Cree Nation proposed a 50-50 split … Read more

Justice Served: Convicted Killer of Smith County Deputy Receives 32-Year Prison Sentence

TYLER, Texas (AP) — A man convicted of killing a Smith County deputy has been sentenced to 32 years in prison. The jury announced the verdict on Wednesday after deliberating on the case. The trial took place in Tyler, Texas. The defendant was found guilty of the murder of the deputy, who was killed while responding to a call in May. The deputy, whose name has not been released, was shot multiple times by the defendant, who was armed at the time of the incident. The defendant was arrested shortly after the shooting. During the … Read more