Landmark Case: Ohio Supreme Court to Determine Governments’ Power to Challenge Temporary Orders on Laws

COLUMBUS, Ohio—The Ohio Supreme Court agreed on Tuesday to decide whether governments have the right to challenge temporary orders that block the implementation of laws. This decision comes as the city of Columbus requested the court’s intervention regarding a preliminary injunction that was imposed by a Delaware County Common Pleas judge. The injunction, which is still in effect, halted the enforcement of two city ordinances related to firearms. One ordinance requires safe storage of guns, while the other prohibits the possession of certain high-capacity magazines. The Buckeye Institute, a conservative think tank, has filed a … Read more

Spanish Court Orders Temporary Block of Popular Messaging Service Telegram Amidst Copyright Infringement Lawsuit

Madrid, Spain – A court in Madrid has ordered the temporary blocking of the popular messaging service Telegram in Spain, following a lawsuit filed by multiple companies alleging copyright infringement. The move has sparked criticism from consumer advocates in the country, who argue that the measure is disproportionate given the large number of Telegram users in Spain. The lawsuit, brought by various media companies, claimed that Telegram was being used to illegally distribute copyrighted content. In response, the court deemed it necessary to temporarily block the entire Telegram service in an attempt to address the … Read more

EIA’s Bitcoin Miner Survey on Hold as Lawsuit Forces Temporary Suspension, Reveals Court Document

Washington, D.C. – The Energy Information Administration (EIA) is temporarily suspending its survey on bitcoin miners following a lawsuit, according to court documents. This move comes as the EIA faces legal action over its attempt to gather information on energy consumption by bitcoin mining operations in the United States. Bitcoin mining, the process by which new bitcoins are created and transactions are verified, requires substantial amounts of energy. Concerns over the environmental impact of this energy-intensive activity have led to increased scrutiny from regulators and environmental activists. The EIA, a federal agency responsible for collecting … Read more

North Dakota Judge Denies Temporary Block on Revised Abortion Laws, Restricting Doctors’ Ability to Save Patient Lives

Bismarck, North Dakota – A judge in North Dakota has rejected a request for a temporary block on a portion of the state’s abortion laws, which would have allowed doctors to perform the procedure to save a patient’s life or health. State District Judge Bruce Romanick stated that a preliminary injunction was not appropriate and that the plaintiffs had failed to provide any legal authority for the specific relief they requested. The request sought to prevent the state from enforcing the law against physicians who, in their medical judgment, deemed it necessary to perform an … Read more