Judge Refuses to Dismiss Lawsuit Against Ex-Officer Accused of Wrongfully Arresting 911 Caller in Palm Beach Gardens

West Palm Beach, FL — A federal judge has decided not to dismiss the lawsuit against Bethany Guerriero, a dismissed Palm Beach Gardens police officer who is accused of wrongfully arresting and pointing her gun at an unarmed man she mistakenly believed was a threat. This incident stems from a May 9 confrontation captured in a widely circulated video, leading to severe criticism of the officer’s actions. Ryan Gould, the plaintiff, filed the lawsuit against Guerriero in January, claiming false imprisonment and excessive use of force. Guerriero, denying any infringement of Gould’s constitutional rights, had … Read more

Legal Hurdle for Trump: Appeals Court Refuses Request to Postpone Trial

NEW YORK (AP) — In a blow to former President Donald Trump, an appeals court denied his latest attempt to delay a trial. The decision was announced on Thursday by the court in Manhattan, New York. The ruling comes as Trump faces multiple legal challenges in various courts across the country. The trial in question pertains to a fraud lawsuit against Trump by E. Jean Carroll, a writer who claims he raped her in a department store dressing room in the 1990s. Trump has denied the allegation and attempted to have the case dismissed. This … Read more

New Jersey Attorney General Refuses to Defend Unconstitutional Primary Ballot Laws

Trenton, New Jersey – Attorney General Matt Platkin has declared three New Jersey statutes that govern the state’s primary ballots as unconstitutional. In a letter sent to Judge Zahid N. Quraishi, Platkin stated that his office will not defend these statutes. The announcement comes as Judge Quraishi is expected to rule against the “county line” system in a lawsuit filed by U.S. Senate candidate Andy Kim. The “county line” system refers to the county party line on New Jersey’s primary ballots. Platkin’s opposition to this system holds significant weight as he is an upper echelon … Read more

Georgia Judge Refuses to Dismiss Dwight Howard Sexual Assault Lawsuit, Orders Sealing of Explicit Text Messages

Atlanta, Georgia – A judge in Gwinnett County has denied a motion to dismiss a lawsuit accusing Dwight Howard, a former NBA player, of sexual assault and battery. The motion was filed by Howard’s lawyers, but Chief Judge Carla E. Brown ruled against it. Additionally, Judge Brown sealed an exhibit that Howard’s lawyers claimed contained explicit text messages. In the lawsuit, filed in July 2023 by Stephen Harper, it is alleged that Howard sexually assaulted Harper at his residence in Georgia on July 19, 2021. Harper also accused Howard of intentionally inflicting emotional distress and … Read more