Powerful Change Makers Chosen: APAC Tambuli Awards Unveil 2024 Jury for Builders of Society Categories

Hong Kong, China – The APAC Tambuli Awards has announced the jury for the 2024 Builders of Society Categories. This prestigious event recognizes advertising campaigns that promote positive social change. The awards, established in 2005, celebrate brands that contribute to the betterment of society through their impactful initiatives. The jury for the 2024 awards consists of esteemed professionals from various industries, ensuring a diverse and well-rounded perspective. This year’s jury includes experts from advertising, marketing, and communications backgrounds who will assess the submissions and select the winners. The APAC Tambuli Awards aim to honor campaigns … Read more

Closing Arguments Unveil Shocking Evidence in Michelle Troconis Murder Trial

NORWALK, Conn. – After weeks of testimony in the trial of Michelle Troconis, attorneys presented their closing arguments to the jury on Tuesday. In her statement to the jurors, assistant state’s attorney Michelle Manning adamantly declared, “Jennifer is dead. Let’s be very clear. She was murdered on May 24, 2019.” Manning proceeded to outline the evidence that the state believes establishes Troconis’s complicity in the alleged plot to kill Jennifer Dulos. Both the prosecution and the defense were given one hour each to summarize their cases for the jury. Troconis’s defense attorney, Jon Schoenhorn, contended … Read more

Breaking: Eye-Witness Testimonies Unveil Startling Details of Terrifying 2022 Robb Elementary Shooting Incident

AUSTIN, Texas – This week, police officials, state troopers, and deputies are expected to provide in-person testimony in the investigation into the deadly shooting at Robb Elementary in 2022. The shooting incident, which lasted over an hour and left students trapped in a classroom with the gunman, prompted a grand jury to examine the police response, as detailed by the Austin American-Statesman. The grand jury, seeking to gather more information about the incident, subpoenaed the officers last week. Their testimonies will shed light on the actions taken by law enforcement during the unfortunate event. This … Read more

Minnesota Attorney General Set to Unveil Progress in Battle Against Insulin Manufacturers

MINNEAPOLIS, MN – Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison is set to make a significant announcement in the state’s ongoing battle against three major insulin manufacturers. The state, along with several others, filed a lawsuit in 2018 accusing the pharmaceutical companies of overcharging for insulin. Joining Ellison for the announcement will be Nicole Smith-Holt, whose son died in 2017 after being forced to ration his insulin due to the high cost. In response to her son’s tragic death, Minnesota passed the Alec Smith Insulin Affordability Act in 2020. This legislation limits the co-pay for a one-month … Read more