Philadelphia Reaches Settlement with Gun Parts Manufacturers to Halt Sales of ‘Ghost Guns’ in Effort to Curb Gun Violence

PHILADELPHIA, Pennsylvania — In a significant development, two gun parts manufacturers have agreed to temporarily halt sales of their products in Philadelphia and other parts of Pennsylvania. The announcement came as city officials settled their lawsuit against Polymer80 and JSD Supply. The companies were accused of perpetuating gun violence by manufacturing and selling untraceable weapons, commonly known as “ghost guns.” The lawsuit was part of a broader legal effort to restrict the marketing of assemble-at-home guns. According to city officials, Philadelphia filed the suit in July, citing the manufacturers’ reckless business practices that threatened public … Read more

Minnesota Attorney General Set to Unveil Progress in Battle Against Insulin Manufacturers

MINNEAPOLIS, MN – Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison is set to make a significant announcement in the state’s ongoing battle against three major insulin manufacturers. The state, along with several others, filed a lawsuit in 2018 accusing the pharmaceutical companies of overcharging for insulin. Joining Ellison for the announcement will be Nicole Smith-Holt, whose son died in 2017 after being forced to ration his insulin due to the high cost. In response to her son’s tragic death, Minnesota passed the Alec Smith Insulin Affordability Act in 2020. This legislation limits the co-pay for a one-month … Read more