Wrongful Death Lawsuit Accuses Lycoming County Prison of Negligence and Civil Rights Violations After Inmate Dies from COVID-19 and Diabetes Complications

Williamsport, Pennsylvania – The family of a man who died in Lycoming County Prison has filed a federal lawsuit accusing jail staff of neglecting his worsening symptoms until it was too late. Chaz Donya Turner, 33, died on January 15, 2022, due to complications from COVID-19 and diabetes, according to an autopsy conducted by Lycoming County Coroner Charles Kiessling. Turner, who had a history of diabetes and hyperglycemia, had sought medical attention at UPMC Williamsport for abdominal issues just a few days before his arrest.

Turner was taken into custody on January 4, 2022, on felony and misdemeanor charges after allegedly assaulting two nurses. On January 13, 2022, he became severely ill and was attended to by jailhouse physicians who measured his vital signs and blood pressure before returning him to his cell. As his condition deteriorated, another inmate pleaded with jail officials to provide Turner with medical attention. His family also requested that he be transferred to a hospital for treatment. However, according to the lawsuit, one jail representative hung up on Turner’s mother when she begged for help.

When Turner stopped breathing and his pulse ceased on January 15, 2022, he was rushed by ambulance from the jail to UPMC Williamsport, where he was pronounced dead. The lawsuit, filed by attorneys Adam Getson and Simon Haileab on behalf of Turner’s family, alleges negligence and civil rights violations by the Lycoming County Prison staff. They claim that despite multiple pleas by Turner for medical care, he was consistently turned away.

Lycoming County officials have yet to respond to the lawsuit. The family seeks damages for their claims against the prison and its staff. This case highlights concerns about the treatment of inmates and the responsibility of jail authorities to provide adequate medical care. The lawsuit aims to hold the Lycoming County Prison accountable for their alleged disregard of Turner’s health and their failure to provide timely and appropriate medical attention.

In summary, Chaz Donya Turner’s family has filed a federal lawsuit against Lycoming County Prison, alleging negligence and civil rights violations following Turner’s death from COVID-19 and complications from diabetes. The lawsuit claims that his worsening symptoms were ignored until it was too late, and that both Turner and his family pleaded for medical attention but were consistently denied. Lycoming County officials have not yet responded to the lawsuit.