Donald Trump Attempts Desperate Legal Maneuver to Delay Trial Over Affair Cover-Up Allegations

NEW YORK – Former President Donald Trump is reportedly planning to file a lawsuit against Judge Juan Merchan, who is presiding over his trial on charges of falsifying business records to conceal his affair with adult film actress Stormy Daniels. According to sources familiar with the matter, Trump’s legal team intends to contest the recent gag order imposed by Judge Merchan that prohibits the former president from attacking court personnel and their family members. Trump has repeatedly criticized Merchan and has attempted to have him removed from the case, alleging a conflict of interest due … Read more

Legal Experts Critique Trump’s ‘Desperate’ Attempt to Have D.C. Jury Hear Lawsuit, Calling Claims ‘Wild and Irrational’

Legal experts are criticizing what they see as President Trump’s desire for a Washington, D.C., jury to hear his case, calling it “wild and irrational claims.” Trump’s legal team has argued in court that he should be allowed to face a jury trial in the nation’s capital, despite him being a former president. This move has been met with skepticism from legal experts who argue that it is a desperate attempt to find a sympathetic jury. The idea of a D.C. jury hearing Trump’s case stems from a defamation lawsuit brought against him by former … Read more