Federal Judge Rules in Favor of Conservative Group, Demanding Access to Voter Rolls for Database Expansion

Santa Fe, New Mexico – A federal judge has issued a ruling stating that New Mexico election officials violated the National Voter Registration Act by refusing to provide voter rolls to a conservative group and its public online database. U.S. District Court Judge James Browning’s decision largely favors the Voter Reference Foundation, which seeks to expand a free database of registered voters to allow other organizations and individuals to search for potential fraud. However, critics argue that making voter lists widely available could expose sensitive information to bad actors or potentially disenfranchise voters through intimidation … Read more

New Database Empowers Young Lawyers to Review Judges and Expose Workplace Misconduct

Washington, D.C. — A new database is set to launch next month, offering young lawyers the opportunity to review their experiences working for judges and providing law students with insights into the reputations of potential employers. Created by former law clerk Aliza Shatzman, the platform aims to address concerns regarding abusive behavior by judges and improve workplace conditions for judicial employees. Shatzman, who founded the Legal Accountability Project in 2022, has already received over 800 surveys from current and former clerks since beginning her efforts last April. Her own experience with an abusive judge derailed … Read more