Pro-XRP Lawyer John Deaton Pledges to Unmask Senator Elizabeth Warren’s Crypto Policy Contradictions

Boston, MA — Tensions between tech advocates and regulators are surging as John Deeton, a fervent supporter of the cryptocurrency XRP and a Lawyer, publicly challenges U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren over her stance on cryptocurrency regulation. Deaton, also contesting Warren’s Senate seat, accuses the Massachusetts Senator of hypocrisy in her recent outspoken critique of Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell. Senator Warren lambasted Powell for what she described as a too-close relationship with large banking institutions, suggesting this connection allows them to “write their own rules” and increase their market power without sufficient oversight. She expressed … Read more

Pro XRP Advocate John Deaton Challenges Senator Warren’s Taxation Plans

MIAMI, FL – Pro XRP advocate John Deaton is voicing his disapproval of Senator Elizabeth Warren’s proposed taxation plans. Deaton, known for his dedication to bringing the crypto industry to the forefront of politics, has garnered significant support from the XRP community. His recent fundraising campaign for his election bid was also backed by cryptocurrencies. In a recent post, Senator Warren expressed her views on taxing the wealthy, stating, “Massive companies are posting historic profits, and the wealthiest 1% of people just reached a record $44 trillion.” However, Deaton took issue with this approach, stating, … Read more

Pro-XRP Lawyer John Deaton Takes Aim at Senator Elizabeth Warren in Race for Freedom

Boston, Massachusetts – John Deaton, a prominent lawyer known for his support of XRP, has launched an impassioned criticism against Senator Elizabeth Warren. Deaton has also taken aim at Warren’s connections to elite funding as she competes against him for a Senate seat. Deaton delivered a rallying cry to his supporters, declaring, “If I had the means to self-fund, I would do so, because the future of freedom is at stake.” He firmly rejected the influence of elites who contribute to Warren’s Senate campaign, stating, “Let’s send a message to the Washington elites that the … Read more

Attorney John Deaton Raises $500,000 for Senate Campaign, Calls for More Donations to Challenge Elizabeth Warren

BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS – John Deaton, a prominent lawyer, has made a significant donation to his campaign for the Senate seat against Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren. In a recent tweet, Attorney Deaton announced that he had contributed $500,000 of his personal funds to support his campaign. He expressed confidence in his ability to defeat the crypto-hostile senator in the upcoming Senate election in November 2024. Encouraging his followers on the X/Twitter platform, Deaton urged them to help him reach a fundraising goal of $1 million by March 31st. While the majority of his supporters are crypto … Read more