Pro XRP Advocate John Deaton Challenges Senator Warren’s Taxation Plans

MIAMI, FL – Pro XRP advocate John Deaton is voicing his disapproval of Senator Elizabeth Warren’s proposed taxation plans. Deaton, known for his dedication to bringing the crypto industry to the forefront of politics, has garnered significant support from the XRP community. His recent fundraising campaign for his election bid was also backed by cryptocurrencies. In a recent post, Senator Warren expressed her views on taxing the wealthy, stating, “Massive companies are posting historic profits, and the wealthiest 1% of people just reached a record $44 trillion.” However, Deaton took issue with this approach, stating, … Read more

XRP Community Slams SEC’s $1.95 Billion Demand as Abuse of Power in Legal Battle with Ripple

San Francisco, CA – Ripple Labs, a blockchain payments company, is facing a new challenge in its ongoing legal battle with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). XRP enthusiasts are criticizing the commission’s recent request for remedies, calling it an abuse of power. The SEC filed its remedy request against Ripple on March 22, seeking a staggering $1.95 billion in fines and penalties. This demand stems from Ripple’s alleged unregistered securities offering through XRP institutional sales. Interestingly, the requested fine exceeds the amount Ripple gained from the securities violation. The company raised $728.9 … Read more

Prominent XRP Lawyer Exposes SEC’s Bias in Ongoing Ripple Lawsuit

San Francisco, CA – The ongoing legal battle between Ripple and the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has taken a new turn as a prominent XRP lawyer criticizes the SEC’s handling of the case. In a scathing social media post, Bill Morgan, a lawyer specializing in XRP, accused the SEC of unfair treatment and an abuse of power, sparking discussions among crypto market enthusiasts. Morgan raised serious concerns regarding the SEC’s approach to the Ripple lawsuit, suggesting bias against the company. The regulatory body’s ongoing legal battle against Ripple has been a topic of … Read more

US Senators Threaten SEC Scrutiny and Ongoing Investigation Could Influence XRP Price Trends

Wyoming Senator Cynthia Lummis was one of five US Senators who expressed their concerns to SEC Chair Gary Gensler regarding the agency’s practices. In a letter co-signed by the Senators, they warned the SEC of potential scrutiny from lawmakers. This action was taken in response to the SEC filing a Motion to Dismiss charges against Debt Box. The SEC’s decision to file the Motion to Dismiss came after the court urged the agency to justify why it should not face sanctions for providing false and misleading information. The scrutiny of the SEC’s activities has extended … Read more