Colorado’s Innovative “Portable” Background Check Law Fails to Deliver for Renters

Denver, CO — In an effort to streamline the housing application process and reduce costs for renters, Colorado implemented a law in 2021 allowing for the portability of rental background checks. However, the initiative appears to have fallen short of its objectives, with many renters and landlords continuing to navigate an inefficient and expensive system. Under the law, a renter can use one background check for multiple rental applications within a 30-day period. Proponents argued that this system would reduce redundant checks, saving time and money for prospective tenants. However, nearly two years later, significant … Read more

Blue Jays’ Chris Bassitt Brushes Off a Fierce Aaron Judge Line Drive to Deliver a Stellar Performance

Toronto, Ontario — A frightening moment at Rogers Centre turned into a display of resilience Saturday afternoon as Toronto Blue Jays pitcher Chris Bassitt weathered a powerful line drive off the bat of New York Yankees slugger Aaron Judge. Despite getting struck on his forearm by the 101.6 mph comebacker in the first inning, Bassitt remained in the game, overcoming the initial pain to deliver a commendable performance. Immediately after the incident, concern spread through the stadium as Judge reached first base and watched closely from across the field. The game paused momentarily as Bassitt … Read more

Supreme Court Poised to Deliver Key Decision on Purdue Pharma’s Bankruptcy Amid Opioid Epidemic

Washington, D.C. – The U.S. Supreme Court is poised to deliver a pivotal ruling in the bankruptcy case of Purdue Pharma LP, marking a significant moment in the ongoing battle against the opioid epidemic that has claimed over 750,000 American lives. This decision may set a precedent affecting the accountability of pharmaceutical companies in the opioid crisis, a public health catastrophe that continues to ravage communities across the nation. The case centers on the multibillion-dollar bankruptcy plan proposed by Purdue Pharma, the manufacturer of OxyContin, a powerful prescription painkiller that many experts blame for initiating … Read more

Israeli Lawyer Defies Violent Opposition and Returns to UC Berkeley to Deliver Speech on Freedom of Speech and Discourse

BERKELEY, Calif. — An Israeli lawyer whose speech was disrupted by a violent mob at the University of California Berkeley is scheduled to return to campus this evening. Lawyer Ran Bar-Yoshafat, a veteran of the Israeli Defense Force, will deliver a revised speech at the event, sponsored by Tikvah Students for Israel and other pro-Israel groups, according to reports. Bar-Yoshafat’s new remarks will address the protest that led to the cancellation of his original speech. Pro-Palestinian demonstrators shouted Bar-Yoshafat down, causing campus police to escort attendees out the back door of the auditorium. Bar-Yoshafat expressed … Read more