Montreal Parents File $1.5M Lawsuit After Teacher Allegedly Sells Students’ Artwork Online

Montreal, Canada – A group of parents from Westwood Junior High School in Saint-Lazare, Quebec, have filed a lawsuit against an art teacher and the Lester B. Pearson School Board for alleged copyright infringement. The lawsuit comes after students discovered their classroom artwork being sold on the teacher’s personal website. The parents are seeking $1.575 million in damages and punitive damages, with each plaintiff asking for $155,000. The incident has had a significant impact on the students involved, with one parent stating that her daughter no longer wants to pursue a career in art because … Read more

Lawsuit Exposes Shocking Allegations of Abuse Against Foster Parents and CYFD in the Case of a Four-Year-Old Boy

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. – A lawsuit filed this week has shed light on allegations of physical and sexual abuse, negligence, and a violation of a four-year-old boy’s civil rights. The lawsuit accuses both the New Mexico Children, Youth and Families Department (CYFD) and the Bair Foundation of failing to protect the child from abuse while under their care. According to attorney Levi Monagle, who is representing the child, the boy was born to parents struggling with drug addiction, leading to his multiple interactions with CYFD. Despite his grandparents expressing their desire to take custody of the … Read more

Beware of the Terrifying Kidnap-for-Ransom Scam Targeting Parents: Indiana Attorney General Urges Vigilance

A lawyer in Indiana is urging parents to remain vigilant against a brazen cybercrime involving a fake kidnapping scheme. The Indiana Attorney General’s Office has issued a warning about this escalating scam across the state and the United States. Attorney General Todd Rokita emphasizes the need for extra caution among parents whose children are traveling abroad or attending school overseas. According to Rokita, scammers may target unsuspecting parents by obtaining photos of their children in secluded areas or from social media, or by pretending to have kidnapped them. Once the crook sends a photo to … Read more

Parents Awarded $32 Million After Benton Police Officer Fatally Shoots Teenager

Little Rock, Arkansas – A jury has awarded $32 million to the parents of a teenager who was fatally shot by a Benton police officer in 2016. The weeklong trial concluded with the jury finding the city of Benton liable for $30 million and former Benton Police Chief Kirk Lane liable for $1 million. Officer Kyle Ellison, who fired the fatal shots, was cleared of claims of excessive force and assault and battery. The civil trial began on January 29 in Little Rock, focusing on the officer-involved shooting death of 17-year-old Keagan Schweikle. Responding to … Read more