Protecting American Intellectual Property: The Threat Posed by Foreign Funders in Mass Tort Litigations

Santa Clara, Calif. – Lax regulations in the United States are creating an avenue for foreign adversaries to access sensitive corporate information and American trade secrets, posing a threat to national security. Strong intellectual property protections are crucial for sectors like aerospace, defense, biotech, and energy. Therefore, it is imperative to address this oversight. The issue revolves around mass tort litigations, which are personal injury legal actions involving large companies that allegedly caused harm to multiple plaintiffs. Attorneys specializing in mass torts can profit greatly from these cases, as they often receive a significant share … Read more

Unveiling the Hidden Threat: Foreign Funding Undermines American Intellectual Property

BEIJING, CHINA – The increasing presence of foreign funding in mass tort litigations in the United States raises concerns about national security risks and the protection of American intellectual property. The urgent need for clear disclosure requirements to safeguard sensitive information and prevent undue influence in legal proceedings has become apparent. Mass tort lawyer Seth Webb has witnessed the impact of foreign entities funding lawsuits first-hand, highlighting the need for transparency and accountability in the face of mounting risks. Webb, who initially worked as a car accident lawyer, transitioned into mass torts and grew his … Read more