Trump’s Legal Team Takes Next Step to Disqualify Fulton County DA in Election Interference Case

Atlanta, Georgia – The legal battle surrounding former President Donald Trump and the Fulton County election interference case took a new turn on Sunday. Steve Sadow, lead defense counsel for Trump in the case, announced his next move to disqualify Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis. Willis is currently facing a potential ethics violation related to her alleged affair with special prosecutor Nathan Wade, which was brought to light by former Trump staffer and co-defendant Michael Roman. Willis is at the center of the case against Trump and 18 other co-defendants, who were indicted by … Read more

March 25 Deadline Looms for Parties to Contest Judge McAfee’s Ruling in Trump’s Election Interference Case

Atlanta, Georgia – Parties involved in the Trump election interference case are facing a March 25 deadline to appeal Judge Scott McAfee’s ruling. The ruling allows Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis to continue overseeing the case. Both Willis and the defense attorneys have the option to pursue an appeal for different reasons. According to Georgia law, either side must first seek McAfee’s permission to appeal his ruling within the next 10 days. McAfee is then required to respond to the request. This puts the deadline for seeking permission to appeal at March 25. If … Read more

Verdict Expected Today: Fulton County DA Fani Willis’ Disqualification Decision in Georgia Election Interference Case Against Trump

FULTON COUNTY, Ga. – Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis is awaiting a decision from Superior Court Judge Scott McAfee on whether she will be disqualified from the Georgia election interference case against former President Donald Trump and his codefendants. The decision comes after allegations of an improper and clandestine relationship between Willis and Special Prosecutor Nathan Wade, whom she hired to lead the investigation. Willis initiated the investigation into potential interference in the 2020 presidential election results. The motion for disqualification was filed by one of Trump’s co-defendants, Michael Roman, who accused Willis of … Read more

Judge Dismisses Six Charges Against Trump and Allies in Election Interference Case, But Case Continues

Atlanta, Georgia – In a significant development in the election interference case against former president Donald Trump and his allies, a judge has dismissed six counts in the criminal racketeering indictment. Judge Scott McAfee of Fulton County Superior Court ruled that the charges lacked specific detail but decided not to dismiss the overall case. The dismissal is based on the argument that the charges failed to sufficiently explain the nature of the alleged crimes. In a nine-page order issued on Wednesday, Judge McAfee dismissed six charges against Trump and five co-defendants, including Rudy Giuliani and … Read more