Judge Declares Alleged $4M Settlement Invalid for Ottawa County Health Officer Amid Legal Battle

OTTAWA COUNTY, MICHIGAN – A judge has declined to enforce an alleged $4M settlement for the Ottawa County health officer, stating that the agreement was not in compliance with legal requirements. The health officer, who filed a lawsuit against the county, claimed that she was wrongfully terminated from her position. However, the judge ruled that the settlement did not follow the necessary steps for approval. The dispute arose when the health officer was let go by Ottawa County. Alleging that her termination was unjustified, she pursued legal action against the county. Eventually, a settlement agreement … Read more

Overhauling Absentee Ballot Standards: Dane County Judge Rules Witness Address Requirements Invalid

City, State – In a significant development regarding the standards for a witness’ address on an absentee ballot envelope, a Dane County judge has issued two rulings that will reshape the criteria for these ballots to be counted. The judge’s decisions include dismissing the Elections Commission’s requirement for street number, street name, and municipality on the envelope. Additionally, the judge ruled that clerks cannot reject absentee ballots if witnesses fail to include certain information, such as the ZIP code or municipality. These rulings contradict a previous decision made by a Waukesha County judge in September … Read more