New Jersey Judge Clarifies: Scrapping Controversial Ballot Design Limited to Democratic Primary, GOP Exempted

TRENTON, N.J. – A judge in New Jersey has ruled that a controversial ballot design will only be scrapped for the Democratic primary, not the GOP. The decision comes as various parties challenge the state’s ballot design for the upcoming Senate primary. The ruling was made by a federal judge who stated that the design of the ballots should only be modified for the Democratic primary. The judge emphasized that Republicans can continue to use the existing organization lines on their ballots. This decision is expected to impact the campaigning strategies of both parties leading … Read more

Nevada Secretary of State Slams GOP Lawsuit Over Voter Registration as ‘Meritless’ Amid Controversy

LAS VEGAS, Nev. – The Nevada Secretary of State, Francisco Aguilar, has dismissed a lawsuit filed by the state GOP over voter registration as lacking merit. The lawsuit, which was filed by the Nevada Republican Party and the Republican National Committee, alleges that several counties in the state have voter registration numbers that exceed the number of adult citizens over the age of 18. Specifically, the lawsuit claims that Douglas County has a registration rate of 104%, Lyon County at 105%, and Storey County at 113%. Two other counties, Carson City and Clark County, reported … Read more

Federal Judge Allows Lawsuit by GOP Firebrands Gaetz and Greene Against California Cities to Proceed

ANAHEIM and RIVERSIDE, California – Republican Representatives Matt Gaetz from Florida and Marjorie Taylor Greene from Georgia have been granted permission to proceed with their lawsuit against two cities in California. Judge Hernan Vera, a Biden appointee, ruled that there is sufficient evidence to suggest that the GOP lawmakers have a valid claim against Anaheim and Riverside officials for canceling their planned rallies in 2021. The judge did, however, criticize Gaetz and Greene for their allegations of collusion between liberal nonprofits and the cities to violate their free speech rights. The lawsuit, which was filed … Read more

Feud Erupts: GOP Candidate Accused of Lying and Adultery by Late Ex-Husband’s Mother

Las Vegas, Nevada – A tense public feud has erupted between Elizabeth Helgelien, a rising GOP candidate for Nevada’s 3rd Congressional District, and her late ex-husband’s mother. The clash came to light when Christine Halseth, the former mother-in-law, publicly accused Helgelien of being a liar and adulterer in an op-ed published in The Nevada Globe. The feud stems from the tragic murder of Daniel Halseth, Christine’s son, who was stabbed to death in 2021 by his teenage daughter, Sierra Halseth, and her boyfriend, Aaron Guerrero. Both perpetrators are currently serving life sentences for the crime. … Read more