Landmark Church Lawsuit Against City of Lawrence Over Controversial Apartment Complex Set for Bench Trial

LAWRENCE, Kan. – A church in Lawrence, Kansas, is taking its lawsuit against the City of Lawrence to trial. First Presbyterian Church is challenging a development project led by Dallas-based Fountain Residential Partners, which plans to build a 300-bedroom apartment complex on a 9-acre site. The church, located near the proposed development, argues that the city’s approval of the project violates zoning codes. The lawsuit was originally filed in late 2021, dismissed a few months later, and then revived in mid-2023 after a successful appeal. The trial, which was initially scheduled for early January, has … Read more

Lawrence O’Donnell Unveils Explosive Revelation About Alina Habba, Trump’s Lawyer

Washington, D.C. – Lawrence O’Donnell, the host of “The Last Word” on MSNBC, has bestowed an unfavorable title upon Alina Habba, a lawyer representing President Donald Trump. O’Donnell’s scathing remark came during a recent segment of his show, where he expressed his disapproval of Habba’s actions. During the segment, O’Donnell confidently declared that Habba had earned the new and unenviable title. While the exact phrase used by the host wasn’t explicitly stated, O’Donnell left no doubt that he was referring to Habba in an extremely negative light. O’Donnell’s condemnation of Habba comes amidst mounting tensions … Read more