Former Biopharmaceutical Executive Found Liable for ‘Shadow Trading’ in Landmark Insider Trading Case

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — A former biopharmaceutical executive was found liable for “shadow trading,” an insider trading theory, by a federal jury in San Francisco on Friday. The jury’s decision rejected the defense’s claim that the case was constructed by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) without evidence of the motives behind the trades. This verdict could have significant implications for insider trading regulations. Matthew Panuwat, the defendant, was accused by the SEC of having confidential information about his employer, Medivation Inc., and trading in the securities of Incyte Corp., a closely related company. … Read more

Jury Holds School District Liable for $5 Million in Damages in Case of Assistant Girls Basketball Coach’s Sexual Relationship with Student

San Diego, California – A San Diego jury has ruled that the Coronado Unified School District was negligent in the employment of an assistant girls basketball coach who engaged in a sexual relationship with one of his players. The former student, who was a 17-year-old senior at the time, was awarded $5 million in damages. The trial, which concluded last week, focused on Jordan Tyler Bucklew, who pleaded guilty to a felony count of unlawful sex with a minor in 2020. The victim filed a lawsuit in 2021, alleging negligence by the school district and … Read more

NRA Executives, Including Wayne LaPierre, Held Liable for Corruption in Landmark Jury Verdict

New York, NY – In a landmark verdict, a jury has found several National Rifle Association (NRA) executives, including its head Wayne LaPierre, liable for corruption. The court case extensively examined allegations of financial misconduct within the influential gun rights organization. The ruling signifies a significant blow to the NRA’s reputation and raises questions about its future. The trial focused on claims that the defendants misused NRA funds for personal gain, diverting millions of dollars towards luxury travel, private jets, and excessive expenses. Additionally, it was alleged that the executives had awarded lucrative contracts to … Read more

The Oklahoman Found Liable for $20 Million in Damages in Landmark Libel Case

Muskogee, Oklahoma – The Oklahoman libel trial reached its conclusion today with the announcement of the jury’s verdict. The jury found Gannett Co., Inc. liable for $20 million in punitive damages to Scott Sapulpa. This follows the jury’s earlier decision on Friday, where Gannett was found liable for $5 million in actual damages. The total damages awarded to Sapulpa now amount to a staggering $25 million. The verdict may have significant implications for the newspaper chain, as its stock price has already experienced a slight dip. The trial centered around The Oklahoman’s misidentification of Sapulpa … Read more