Landmark Verdict: Florida Jury Holds Tobacco Giants Accountable for Smoker Illnesses in Historic 1999 Ruling

Miami, FL — In a landmark decision on July 7, 1999, a jury in Miami-Dade County found major tobacco companies liable for the illnesses of several Florida smokers, marking a significant moment in legal and public health history. This pivotal case, originating from a class-action lawsuit filed in 1994, was the first of its kind to go to trial, setting a precedent for future tobacco litigation. The case highlighted the ongoing battle between public health advocates and tobacco companies over the impacts of smoking. The jury’s decision underscored the increasing legal challenges tobacco firms faced … Read more

Jury Holds School District Liable for $5 Million in Damages in Case of Assistant Girls Basketball Coach’s Sexual Relationship with Student

San Diego, California – A San Diego jury has ruled that the Coronado Unified School District was negligent in the employment of an assistant girls basketball coach who engaged in a sexual relationship with one of his players. The former student, who was a 17-year-old senior at the time, was awarded $5 million in damages. The trial, which concluded last week, focused on Jordan Tyler Bucklew, who pleaded guilty to a felony count of unlawful sex with a minor in 2020. The victim filed a lawsuit in 2021, alleging negligence by the school district and … Read more

Unstoppable Lawsuit Filer of Highland Park Challenges Politicians and Holds Them Accountable

Highland Park, Michigan – Robert Davis, a resident of Highland Park, has gained a reputation as a relentless critic and a thorn in the side of politicians. Since he was a teenager, Davis has been filing lawsuits in order to hold elected officials accountable. His legal actions have targeted politicians, government agencies, judges, and political candidates for over a decade in Michigan. According to public documents reviewed by The Detroit News, Davis has filed a staggering number of lawsuits and legal challenges in his pursuit of justice. Davis’ impact has been particularly felt in Highland … Read more

Supreme Court Ruling Holds Key to San Francisco’s Homelessness Lawsuit – Delays Awaited

San Francisco, California – A lawsuit in San Francisco that aimed to address the issue of homelessness has been put on hold as it awaits a forthcoming Supreme Court ruling in a similar case in Grants Pass, Oregon. The San Francisco suit, which had the potential to set a precedent for addressing homelessness across the city, has been halted pending the outcome of the Grants Pass ruling. The lawsuit in San Francisco sought to compel the city to find solutions for its homeless population, arguing that the current approach was not effectively addressing the issue. … Read more