Judge Refuses to Dismiss Lawsuit Against Ex-Officer Accused of Wrongfully Arresting 911 Caller in Palm Beach Gardens

West Palm Beach, FL — A federal judge has decided not to dismiss the lawsuit against Bethany Guerriero, a dismissed Palm Beach Gardens police officer who is accused of wrongfully arresting and pointing her gun at an unarmed man she mistakenly believed was a threat. This incident stems from a May 9 confrontation captured in a widely circulated video, leading to severe criticism of the officer’s actions. Ryan Gould, the plaintiff, filed the lawsuit against Guerriero in January, claiming false imprisonment and excessive use of force. Guerriero, denying any infringement of Gould’s constitutional rights, had … Read more

Trump Campaign Raises Record-Breaking $50.5 Million at Palm Beach Fundraiser, Doubling Biden’s Recent Fundraiser Amount

PALM BEACH, Florida – The Trump campaign announced that it raised a staggering $50.5 million during a fundraiser held at hedge fund manager John Paulson’s Palm Beach mansion. This amount is almost double the funds raised by last month’s Biden campaign fundraiser, which featured three presidents and raised $26 million. During the event, former President Donald Trump addressed the 117 guests for approximately 45 minutes after mingling with them and taking pictures. According to a campaign spokesperson, Trump spoke in the backyard of the mansion. Prior to the fundraiser, Trump expressed his confidence in its … Read more

Local Attorney and Community Leader Lourdes Casanova Seeks Palm Beach County Court Judge Seat

Royal Palm Beach, Florida – Lourdes Casanova, an esteemed attorney and small business owner, has officially declared her candidacy for the vacant seat of Palm Beach County Court Judge Group 2. As the incumbent Judge Ted Booras prepares to retire at the end of his term, Casanova joins a pool of three candidates, including Douglas Leifert and Jean Marie Middleton. Casanova asserts that her extensive legal experience, sound judgment, and unwavering integrity make her the ideal candidate to serve the community as a county court judge. With nearly a decade of litigating criminal, civil, and … Read more

Unanswered Questions Surround Triple Shooting in Palm Bay as Motive Remains Unknown: Community Stunned by Alleged Shooter’s Unexpected Actions

PALM BAY, Fla. — The community of Palm Bay remains in a state of bewilderment as authorities struggle to uncover a motive behind the triple shooting incident that transpired on Sunday. Residents who were acquainted with Brandon Kapas, the alleged gunman, express shock as they assert that the 24-year-old never displayed any warning signs or violent tendencies. Local authorities have been tirelessly working to unravel the circumstances surrounding the tragic event. However, the motive that prompted Kapas to commit the shooting remains unknown, leaving the community perplexed and yearning for answers. Despite the lack of … Read more