Miami Beach Cracks Down on Spring Breakers and Reinforces Strict Marijuana Laws, Sending a Clear Message to Reckless Partiers

Miami Beach, Florida – In anticipation of the upcoming spring break season, Miami Beach commissioners have made a move to tighten marijuana laws within the city. The commission recently voted to eliminate the optional civil penalty that had been in place for individuals found with 20 grams or less of marijuana. This decision was made in an effort to crack down on reckless behavior and create stricter consequences, effectively putting an end to the anything-goes party atmosphere. Commissioner Alex Fernandez, who sponsored the change, expressed his support for the decision, stating, “We’re shutting the door … Read more

Israeli Supreme Court Invalidates Controversial Law Limiting Judicial Review, Reinforces Democratic Principles

The Israeli Supreme Court has invalidated a controversial law that restricted the review of government policies for “reasonableness.” The law, which aimed to weaken the independence of the judiciary and other gatekeepers, was met with significant opposition and protests throughout the country. The court’s decision marks a landmark ruling on the limits of the Knesset as a constituent assembly and its authority to enact basic laws. Israel has experienced a tumultuous year, with internal and external conflicts pushing the country to its limits. The October 7 attack by Hamas, which targeted Israel as a Jewish … Read more