Merck Resolves Over 1,000 Zostavax Lawsuits Following Plaintiff Dismissals

Rahway, New Jersey — Merck & Co., a leading pharmaceutical company, has reached a significant legal milestone by resolving over a thousand lawsuits connected to its shingles vaccine, Zostavax. The cases were concluded following the plaintiffs’ decision to request dismissals, thus eliminating a batch of longstanding legal grievances against the drugmaker. Zostavax, designed to prevent shingles in older adults, was approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in 2006. Marketed until its production ceased in 2020, it was the only shingles vaccine available in the U.S. for a decade before competitors like Shingrix emerged. … Read more

GSK Resolves Yet Another Zantac Legal Battle in California, Easing Concerns

San Francisco, California – Pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) has reached a settlement in yet another lawsuit regarding its popular heartburn medication, Zantac. The lawsuit was filed in California and alleged that the medication caused cancerous tumors in the plaintiff. GSK, based in the United Kingdom, has faced numerous lawsuits across the US concerning the potential link between Zantac and cancer. The settlement comes in the wake of recent studies that found the presence of a probable human carcinogen, NDMA, in ranitidine-based drugs like Zantac. The terms of the settlement were not disclosed, but GSK maintains … Read more

Orlando Museum Resolves Dispute Over Fake Basquiats, Drops Legal Claims

Orlando, Florida – The legal dispute between the Orlando Museum and the owners of counterfeit Basquiats has come to an unexpected resolution. The museum has chosen to drop its legal claims against the individuals responsible for the fake artworks. This decision marks the end of a controversial battle that had captivated the art world and garnered significant media attention. The Orlando Museum accused the owners of the fake Basquiats of fraud and copyright infringement. The artworks in question were included in an exhibition titled “Masterpieces Reimagined” and were believed to be authentic works by renowned … Read more

Frost River Resolves Movie Lawsuit through Mediation, Paving the Way for Amicable Resolution

ELY, Minnesota – Frost River, a popular film production company based in Ely, Minnesota, has recently decided to pursue mediation in an ongoing lawsuit. The company, known for its innovative and captivating movies, is seeking resolution through the mediation process to address a dispute related to the marketing of its latest production. The lawsuit, which arose after the release of the film, alleges that Frost River failed to fulfill certain marketing obligations outlined in the distribution agreement. As a result, the plaintiff, whose identity remains undisclosed, claims to have suffered financial losses and reputational damage. … Read more