Supreme Court Restricts Bankruptcy Shield, Impacting Opioid Settlements and Beyond

WASHINGTON — A recent Supreme Court ruling may significantly alter the landscape for using bankruptcy to address widespread litigation. The decision against Purdue Pharma’s bankruptcy settlement highlights a shift in how courts handle claims against parties who haven’t filed for bankruptcy themselves. This change could have broad implications for companies facing mass tort litigation. Bankruptcy courts have traditionally offered several tools to aid organizations in resolving these complex lawsuits, which include cases like the large-scale settlements involving the Catholic dioceses and the Boy Scouts of America. These courts can halt ongoing litigation, providing breathing space … Read more

California Law Restricts Sharing of Mug Shots on Social Media, Requires Removal of Past Posts

MORENO VALLEY, Calif. – A new law in California is placing additional restrictions on how and when law enforcement agencies can share a suspect’s mugshot on social media. The law not only affects future posts but also requires police departments and sheriff’s offices to review and delete old posts. Under the new legislation, departments are prohibited from sharing booking photos on social media, regardless of whether the person is suspected of a violent crime or not, unless they are deemed an “imminent threat” or a fugitive. Furthermore, even in cases where mugshots can be posted, … Read more