Boynton Beach City Repeals Century-Old Segregation Ordinances, Embracing Unity and Confronting Past Injustices

BOYNTON BEACH, Florida – Boynton Beach city commissioners unanimously voted to repeal three segregation ordinances that were established a century ago. These ordinances, although not enforced for many years, once divided residential areas into white and African American districts. Mayor Ty Penserga described this repeal as “the ending of an unfortunate part of our history” and a “formal ending that was long overdue.” The two ordinances, created in 1924, established separate districts for white and African American residents within the town of Boynton. Additionally, a third ordinance known as a “Sundown” law was passed in … Read more

Exploring the Legacy of Jim Crow Laws: Teaching Kids about Racial Segregation in America

New York City, New York – Teaching children about the Jim Crow laws era can be a challenging and emotionally charged task. However, it is essential to provide them with a basic understanding of this dark period in American history to prevent the repetition of past mistakes. In this article, we will explore the facts surrounding Jim Crow laws, the purpose behind them, their lasting legacy, and valuable teaching resources. Jim Crow laws were a set of statutes implemented by states and local areas in the United States to legalize racial segregation. These laws deprived … Read more