Renowned Senior Film Director, M.S. Sathyu, Aims to Make Films at 94 Despite Challenges

Bengaluru, India – At the 15th edition of the Bengaluru International Film Festival (BIFFes), senior film director M.S. Sathyu was honored with a lifetime achievement award. Despite being 94 years old, Sathyu expressed his unwavering passion for filmmaking and his desire to continue making films. However, he emphasized that someone would need to take a risk and finance his future projects. The festival also recognized outstanding films across various categories. In the Kannada cinema category, Amar L.’s “Nirvana” received the first best film award, while K. Yashoda Prakash’s “Kandeelu” was awarded as the second best … Read more

Senior General Files Lawsuit Alleging Antisemitism and Wrongful Termination in California Military Department

Sacramento, California – A former high-ranking officer of the California Air National Guard has filed a lawsuit against Governor Gavin Newsom’s office, alleging that his complaints about antisemitism within the organization were ignored. Brig. Gen. Raymond Magram claims that his superior, Maj. Gen. Robert Beevers, made derogatory remarks about Jewish military personnel, creating a hostile work environment. The lawsuit alleges that despite multiple reports to Newsom’s office, no action was taken to address the issue. Magram served as the assistant adjutant general of the military department, directly working for Beevers. However, in January 2023, he … Read more

Toronto Senior Narrowly Escapes Serious Fraud Attempt With ‘Emergency Scam’

London, Ontario – A senior in Ontario was targeted by what fraud experts refer to as the “emergency scam,” a scheme that preys on individuals by creating a fake crisis to exploit their emotions and convince them to transfer money without questioning the story. Tom Szczesniak, a 76-year-old resident of Toronto, was almost scammed when he received a phone call from someone claiming to be a lawyer named “Alan Miller.” The caller informed Szczesniak that his son had been in a car accident, but assured him that his son was okay. The scammer proceeded to … Read more

Longtime North Carolina Judge Announces Transition to Senior Status at Federal Appellate Court, Opening Vacancy

RALEIGH, N.C. – Circuit Judge Jim Wynn of the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has announced his decision to transition to senior status, reducing his role on the federal appellate court. Having served on the court since 2010, Wynn’s move to senior status will create a vacancy on the 15-member appeals court. Details regarding the specific date of this transition have not yet been disclosed. When judges choose senior status, they can opt for a reduced caseload while still receiving their salary as an annuity. Wynn, a native of Martin County, North Carolina, is … Read more