Seattle Lawyer Accused of Blocking $1.19 Billion Water Contamination Settlement Denies Allegations, Calls Sanctions Motion an “Intimidation Tactic”

SEATTLE, Washington – A Seattle lawyer is fighting back against allegations that he held up a $1.19 billion water contamination settlement involving DuPont. Jeff Kray, of Marten Law, claims that the sanctions motion filed against him by class counsel is merely an “intimidation tactic” based on a “fantastical conspiracy theory.” Kray argues that class counsel failed to meet with him prior to filing the motion. The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, represented by Kray, is at the center of this legal battle. Mitchell Tilner, an attorney from Horvitz & Levy in Burbank, California, has … Read more

Supreme Court Justice Extends Order Blocking Controversial Immigration Law in Texas

Washington, D.C. – Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito has extended a temporary order blocking Texas law enforcement from arresting and detaining migrants suspected of crossing the U.S. southern border without authorization under the state’s strict immigration law, known as SB4. The administrative stay, which had previously been set to expire on Wednesday, has now been extended through Monday, March 18. SB4, one of the toughest state immigration laws in U.S. history, allows Texas law enforcement at the state and local levels to arrest, jail, and prosecute migrants on state charges for entering or reentering the … Read more

Government Transparency Undermined: Officials Ignore Sunshine Laws, Blocking Public Access to Information

Miami, Florida – Sunshine Week, an annual celebration of transparency laws, is shedding light on the continued efforts of government officials to undermine those very laws. This nationwide event serves as a reminder that while transparency may be championed for one week, the remaining 51 weeks often tell a different story. Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida has come under scrutiny as two officers from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement claimed that his office blocked the release of publicly-funded travel records. These officers allege that they faced retaliation for asserting that these records should be … Read more

Server Connection Issues: Troubleshooting the Error Blocking App Access

Houston, Texas – The request for a specific app or website could not be satisfied due to a connection issue or excessive traffic. This signals a problem on the server’s end or a configuration error. Users are advised to try again later or contact the app or website owner for assistance. If the content is provided through CloudFront, troubleshooting steps are available in the CloudFront documentation. CloudFront, the service responsible for generating this error message, experienced difficulty connecting to the requested server. The request ID for this instance is glh7osJbTLCRFvlss-V58abntzjVjNqGFZXljKrw_O9f-0w5CByYrQ==. Although specific details regarding the … Read more