Justice Department and Transgender Youth Challenge Alabama’s Gender-Affirming Care Ban, Citing Misrepresented Facts

MONTGOMMERY, Ala. — The Department of Justice’s Civil Rights Division, together with transgender youth and their families, has challenged the factual basis of the Alabama attorney general’s motion for a prompt legal resolution in ongoing litigation over the state’s 2025 regulation that bans gender-affirming care for minors. This law, established in 2022, criminalizes the provision of puberty blockers and hormones to individuals under 19, alongside banning genital surgeries, which medical professionals confirm are not performed on minors in the state. The plaintiffs contend that the motion for summary judgment, a request to resolve a case … Read more

Alabama’s Controversial IVF Protection Bill Raises Concerns About Patient Rights and Compensation

Mobile, Alabama – The passage of a bill in Alabama intended to protect the rights of in vitro fertilization (IVF) practices has raised concerns among legal experts. While the bill was meant to provide reassurance to fertility clinics, experts argue that it may inadvertently prevent patients from seeking damages in cases of clinic negligence or product malfunction. The new law grants criminal and civil liability protection to fertility doctors and patients, as well as shields manufacturers of goods used in the IVF process from criminal charges. However, it allows for these companies to still be … Read more

Alabama’s First Nitrogen Gas Execution Ends in Violent Convulsions, Prompting Outcry from Witnesses

MONTGOMERY, Alabama – The recent execution of Kenneth Smith in Alabama has sparked controversy and raised concerns about the use of nitrogen hypoxia as a method of capital punishment. Witnesses to the execution reported that Mr. Smith experienced violent shaking and convulsions as he inhaled pure nitrogen through a mask until he ultimately suffocated. While state officials claim that the process is painless, the distressing scenes witnessed during Mr. Smith’s execution suggest otherwise. The execution itself lasted at least 22 minutes, although the official time of death remains unknown due to the closure of the … Read more

Beloved Retired Judge Ben McLaughlin Passes Away at 83, Leaving a Legacy in Alabama’s 33rd Circuit

OZARK, Ala. (AP) – Former Judge Ben McLaughlin passed away on Wednesday afternoon at the age of 83. McLaughlin dedicated many years to serving as a judge in the 33 Circuit, Dale and Geneva Counties, spanning from 1976 to 2013. Known for his commitment to justice and upholding the law, McLaughlin’s passing leaves a void in the legal community. Colleagues and community members are mourning this loss and reflecting on his contributions. During his tenure, McLaughlin presided over numerous cases, making fair and impartial decisions. His wisdom and experience earned him the respect and admiration … Read more