Florida Governor Signs Legislation to Protect Children from Exploitation and Combat Domestic Violence, Inspired by Gabby Petito’s Tragic Story

ST. PETERSBURG, Florida — Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signed a series of bills on Wednesday aimed at protecting children from exploitation and online predators, as well as a domestic violence bill inspired by the tragic killing of Gabby Petito. During a news conference in St. Petersburg, DeSantis signed five pieces of legislation. One of the bills, referred to as the “Gabby Petito Act” or SB 1224, requires law enforcement officers investigating domestic violence incidents to administer a lethality assessment under certain circumstances. The assessment involves asking a series of questions to determine if the victim … Read more

New York Legislators Propose Stricter Laws to Combat Rising Squatter Incidents

New York legislators are currently pushing for new laws to address the issue of “squatting” following a series of recent clashes between squatters and homeowners. Squatting refers to the act of occupying a piece of land or a building without legal ownership or permission. It involves individuals living on the property without paying rent or having any lawful documentation stating their ownership. The lenient squatting laws in New York State have come under scrutiny due to several incidents involving squatters. In the state, if a squatter has been living in a home for 30 days, … Read more

EU Takes Action to Combat Rising Threat of Child Sexual Abuse, Proposes Stronger Criminal Law Rules

Brussels, Belgium – The European Union (EU) is taking steps to strengthen its laws and combat the growing threat of child sexual abuse, both online and offline. In 2022 alone, 1.5 million children in the EU fell victim to this heinous crime. Recognizing the urgent need for change, the EU Commission has proposed updates to the existing laws surrounding child sexual abuse and exploitation. These reforms aim to address the distressing reality that one in five children in the EU have experienced some form of sexual violence. One crucial aspect of the proposed changes is … Read more

California Governor Takes Action to Combat Rampant Retail Theft and Protect Small Businesses

San Diego, California – Governor Gavin Newsom has proposed new legislation to address the issue of organized theft and increase penalties for criminals involved in these crimes. The governor aims to combat the prevalent problem of retail theft and other related offenses in the state. Small business owners in San Diego County face the unfortunate reality of having to shut down their businesses due to frequent theft incidents. Octavio Vazquez, an employee at a boutique in Hillcrest, expressed his frustration, stating that nobody takes any action and no one wants to risk their lives. Vazquez … Read more