Alaskan Federal Judge Resigns Amidst Abuse Allegations, Exposes Gaps in Judicial Clerk Protection Measures

Anchorage, Alaska — The resignation of U.S. District Judge Joshua Kindred, following allegations of abusive behavior toward his clerks, has spotlighted the ongoing concerns about the environment in which the judiciary’s most junior staffers work. Despite recent efforts to reinforce workplace protections, this high-profile case illustrates potential gaps in the safeguarding of these workers, as revealed in a Monday announcement of Kindred’s departure. Kindred, who served on the bench in Alaska, stepped down amid findings from an investigation that stretched over 18 months into reports of his misconduct towards his clerks. Though the specifics of … Read more

Retired Judge’s Victory: Unusual Criminal Charge Dismissed in Alaskan Grand Jury Case

ANCHORAGE, Alaska — A retired judge in Anchorage, Alaska, has been cleared of an “extremely unusual” criminal charge brought against her by a grand jury, marking a significant victory for former judge Margaret Murphy and a setback for conservative legal activists. The charge of perjury against Murphy, which was included in an indictment with minimal details, was dismissed by Superior Court Judge Thomas A. Matthews. The case, which emerged from a broader investigation by a Kenai grand jury, diverged from the norm as it was initiated by the grand jury rather than a state prosecutor. … Read more