Veteran Litigator Joins Motley Rice, Aims to Bolster Philadelphia’s Defense Against Corporate Negligence

Mount Pleasant, SC – Motley Rice LLC, a Mount Pleasant-based law firm specializing in class actions and multi-litigation practices, recently enhanced their team by hiring experienced litigator Mike Daly. Recognized for his extensive experience in handling mass torts, Daly joins the firm’s Philadelphia office committed to fighting corporate malfeasance through a focus on hazardous pharmaceuticals, defective medical devices, and environmental dangers including asbestos exposure. Daly, who previously cemented his reputation at Pogust Goodhead, explained in an interview the distinction between class action lawsuits and mass torts. Whereas class actions involve individuals representing a larger group, … Read more

Lawsuits Targeting Climate Misrepresentation Surge Globally, Influencing Corporate Accountability

LONDON — A surge in climate-related lawsuits against major corporations has marked a growing frontline in the environmental accountability battle, with an increasing number of these suits successfully challenging businesses over their environmental initiatives and disclosures. A recent report reveals that approximately 230 climate lawsuits have targeted corporations and trade associations globally since 2015. The research, conducted by the Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment, highlights that two-thirds of these legal actions have been initiated since 2020, pointing to a sharp uptick in litigation. Crucially, the majority of concluded cases have resulted … Read more

Transnational Corporate Law Litigation: Holding American Corporations Accountable for Foreign Violations Through Fiduciary Duty Claims

Wilmington, Delaware – Corporate law experts in the United States widely recognize the significance of Delaware’s legal compliance jurisprudence. While directors and officers have considerable leeway in making business decisions, they are not immune to being held accountable for corporate law violations. Directors and officers betray shareholders when they knowingly allow the corporation to break the law. A forthcoming paper titled “Transnational Corporate Law Litigation” in the Duke Law Journal explores how Delaware’s legal compliance jurisprudence can be utilized to deter corporate lawbreaking in foreign countries. The paper presents a blueprint that explains why violations … Read more

TV Legal Ads: An Early Warning for Corporate Counsel in Mass Tort Cases

Television legal ads have become a valuable tool for general counsel in predicting the next big mass tort categories. By tracking these commercials that solicit plaintiffs for mass torts, legal departments can gain early insight into emerging trends and assess the plaintiffs’ bar’s interest in product litigation categories. Last year, plaintiffs’ lawyers spent approximately $59 million on environmental contamination cases, making it the industry sector with the highest spending on television legal ads. This information provides general counsel with a clear indication of where the plaintiffs’ bar’s focus lies. Moreover, the analysis of television legal … Read more