Former Dancer at London’s Playboy Club Casino Victimized as Legal Secretary by Male Lawyer

London, England – A former dancer at the Playboy Club Casino in London has been awarded £18K in compensation after being recruited as a legal secretary by a male lawyer who frequented the establishment. The woman, known as “BR” during the tribunal, was never paid for her work and faced demeaning comments from her employer. Employment Judge Anne Martin described the case as “extraordinary.” BR was approached by the lawyer, referred to as “AD” in filings, who invited her to work as his personal secretary at Eldwick Law, a boutique disputes law firm in London. … Read more

Milestone Verdict: Male Professor Awarded $15 Million in Landmark Gender Discrimination Case Against Thomas Jefferson University

Philadelphia, PA – A federal jury in Philadelphia has awarded $15 million to a former male professor who sued Thomas Jefferson University for gender discrimination in a sexual assault investigation. This verdict marks the largest-ever award under Title IX, the federal law that prohibits sex discrimination in federally funded schools. Legal experts say it is also the first time a male professor accused by a female subordinate has won such a case against a university at trial. The case was highly unusual and the verdict was dramatic, according to KC Johnson, a Title IX expert … Read more