Community Coalition Remains Committed to Peaceful RNC March in Milwaukee Despite Recent Violence at Trump Rally

Milwaukee, WI — In the aftermath of an unsettling incident at a Pennsylvania rally where former President Donald Trump was injured, the Coalition to March on the Republican National Convention reiterated its commitment to proceed with a planned march in Milwaukee. The march, scheduled for Monday morning, coincides with the opening day of the RNC. The violent episode, which resulted in the death of one spectator and injuries to two others, has cast a grim shadow over the upcoming political convention. Authorities identified the assailant as 20-year-old Thomas Matthews Crooks from Bethel Park, Pennsylvania, who … Read more

Kansas City Officers Team Up for Enhanced Security at GOP Convention in Milwaukee Following Recent Threats

Milwaukee, Wis. – A significant dispatch from the Kansas City police and Missouri State Highway Patrol is en route to Milwaukee, aiming to bolster security at the upcoming Republican National Convention. In light of recent threats, including a harrowing incident involving former President Donald Trump, local and national law agencies are ramping up efforts to safeguard the event. The republican gathering, scheduled for July 15-18, will be under tight security as Kansas City officials travel over 500 miles to Wisconsin. The event, set against Milwaukee’s backdrop, will be at the helm of the GOP’s activities, … Read more

Remembering the Remarkable Life and Legacy of Milwaukee Judge Michael Skwierawski

FRANKLIN, Wisconsin – The recent passing of retired Circuit Court Judge Michael J. Skwierawski has left his community in shock. At 82 years old, Skwierawski was known for his active lifestyle and engaged presence in various civic projects. His death, which occurred in his sleep on March 8, has saddened those who were familiar with his relentless energy and commitment to public service. Skwierawski’s impact on the community extended beyond his role as a judge. He played a fundamental role in the establishment of the Polish Center of Wisconsin, an architectural gem overlooking a beautiful … Read more

Former Democratic Senator Lena Taylor Condemns Rushed Legislative District Enactment as ‘Insult’ to Milwaukee Constituents

Milwaukee, Wisconsin – After a 20-year career in the Legislature, former Democratic Sen. Lena Taylor bid farewell with a passionate speech criticizing the rushed enactment of new legislative districts by the Republican majority. Taylor expressed her disappointment with the lack of public hearings and votes by legislative committees, describing it as an insult to herself and her constituents. In her address, Taylor emphasized the importance of transparency and urged her colleagues to listen to the people. Her strong stance against the Republican-drawn maps resulted in her voting against them, which Democratic Gov. Tony Evers subsequently … Read more