Ohio Cities File Lawsuit Challenging State Law Stripping Local Tobacco Regulations

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Filing a lawsuit on Wednesday, Columbus City Attorney Zach Klein is leading a legal challenge against a recently passed state law that aims to strip away the authority of cities in Ohio to regulate the sale of tobacco products at the local level. This lawsuit is supported by 13 other Ohio cities, including Bexley, Cincinnati, and Cleveland. The ban, which is scheduled to take effect on April 23, was approved after lawmakers overrode the governor’s veto of the legislation earlier this year. Under the newly enacted law, Ohio cities would no longer … Read more

Texas Judge Moves Lawsuit Challenging CFPB’s $8 Credit Card Late Fee Rule to D.C., Dealing Blow to Credit Card Industry

FORT WORTH, Texas – In a blow to banks and credit card issuers, a Texas judge has agreed to move a lawsuit challenging the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s $8 credit card late fee rule to the District of Columbia. The ruling by Judge Mark T. Pittman is a setback for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and five other trade groups that sued the CFPB in March to stop the rule from taking effect on May 14. The CFPB accused the trade groups of engaging in “forum shopping” by filing the case in Texas to find … Read more

Conservative Attorney John Eastman Faces Disbarment in California Over Role in Challenging 2020 Election Results

Los Angeles, California – Conservative attorney John Eastman could face disbarment in California for his involvement in creating a legal strategy aimed at helping former President Donald Trump maintain power after losing the 2020 election. The recommendation for disbarment was made by State Bar Court of California Judge Yvette Roland in a 128-page ruling on Wednesday. If the California Supreme Court upholds the recommendation, Eastman’s law license would be placed on “involuntary inactive” status. Eastman would also be required to pay $10,000 in monetary sanctions to the State Bar of California Client Security Fund, as … Read more

Trump and Co-Defendants File Emergency Appeal in Georgia Election Fraud Case, Challenging District Attorney’s Involvement

Washington, D.C. – Lawyers representing former President Donald Trump and seven co-defendants have filed an emergency appeal challenging the decision of a Georgia judge to allow Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis to remain on the election fraud case against Trump. The appeal argues that the ruling does not go far enough in addressing concerns about the relationship between Willis and special prosecutor Nathan Wade. Willis and Wade had acknowledged having an affair but maintained that it did not result in any improper conduct in relation to the case. However, Trump’s lawyers argued that the … Read more