LSU Settles Lawsuit Over Mishandling of Sexual Misconduct Reports, Pays $1.9 Million to Former Students

Baton Rouge, Louisiana – LSU has reached a settlement agreement to pay $1.9 million in a lawsuit involving 10 former students. The lawsuit accused university officials of violating the students’ civil rights by failing to adequately investigate and address reports of rape, partner violence, and sexual harassment on campus. The settlement, obtained through a public-records request, was signed by LSU President William Tate on March 27. The lawsuit, filed in 2021, came in the wake of numerous former students speaking out about their experiences of sexual assault at LSU. Two plaintiffs in the case alleged … Read more

Millcreek Township Pays $17,500 to Settle Lawsuit Over Anti-Trump Tirade Arrest

Millcreek Township, Pennsylvania – A motorist in Millcreek Township has received a settlement of $17,500 in a federal lawsuit he filed against the township’s police department. Thomas Sebastian was arrested by Millcreek police in September 2022 after shouting obscenities about former President Donald Trump while driving. He was charged with public drunkenness and disorderly conduct, but was later acquitted. Sebastian then sued the township and the two police officers involved in his arrest, alleging violations of his First, Fourth, and 14th Amendment rights. The case has now been settled for the sum of $17,500. Sebastian’s … Read more