Backlash Grows Over Florida Law Excluding Chinese Grad Students from Universities

Gainesville, Florida – A law in Florida is facing criticism from professors, students, and advocates who believe it may exclude Chinese graduate students from the state’s universities. State Bill 846, which came into effect last July, prohibits the hiring of graduate students from “countries of concern,” including China, the largest source of international students in the state. The law has sparked protests as universities issue offer letters in the spring. Critics argue that the measure poses a threat to academic freedom, scientific advancements, and the state’s education system. They claim it is discriminatory and will … Read more

Proposed Bill Seeks to Protect Law Enforcement at State Universities and Reform Officer Misconduct Investigations

DES MOINES, Iowa — Law enforcement protections at state universities in Iowa could see significant changes if a newly passed bill becomes law. The bill, known as House Study Bill 738, aims to prevent state universities from implementing policies that restrict police from enforcing local, state, or municipal laws. It also proposes that the attorney general investigate complaints against universities for potential violations. Under the bill, state universities found by civil court to have intentionally discouraged or barred law enforcement from enforcing laws would be denied state funds for the fiscal year in which the … Read more

Four Universities, Including Dartmouth, Reach $166 Million Settlement in Class-Action Lawsuit Alleging Financial Aid Conspiracy

Hanover, New Hampshire – Dartmouth College has reached a settlement in a class-action lawsuit that accused the school, along with 16 other universities, of colluding to reduce financial aid for students from working- and middle-class families. According to a memorandum filed on February 23, Dartmouth has agreed to pay $33.75 million as part of the settlement. This comes after three other co-defendants, Rice University, Northwestern University, and Vanderbilt University, also agreed to settlements, bringing the total to $166 million. The lawsuit, filed in 2022, alleged that these universities, all of which claimed to practice need-blind … Read more

Four Prestigious Universities Settle Price-Fixing Lawsuit, Agreeing to Pay $166 Million

Chicago, Illinois – Four prestigious universities have reached a settlement in a federal class-action lawsuit accusing them of colluding to manipulate the amount of financial aid offered to students. Dartmouth College, Rice University, Northwestern University, and Vanderbilt Universities will collectively pay $166 million to resolve the claims against them, according to a court filing on Friday. As part of the settlement, Dartmouth and Rice will each pay $33.75 million, while Vanderbilt will pay $55 million and Northwestern has offered $43.5 million. This brings the total settlement reached so far to $284 million, which will be … Read more