Warren County ESC Prevails as Court Grants Injunction, Securing Victory in Lawsuit Against State

FRANKLIN, Ohio – A court has granted an injunction in favor of Warren County Educational Service Center (ESC) in its lawsuit against the state. The ruling comes after the ESC filed a lawsuit opposing a new law that affects their funding. The ESC is a school district service provider for 10 local schools in the county. The lawsuit centered around a law that changed how the ESC calculates its funding in relation to the number of students enrolled in online and in-person classes. The ESC argued that the law resulted in a significant cut in … Read more

Warren Buffett’s Stance on Apple Stock: Will the DOJ Antitrust Lawsuit Affect His Investment?

Omaha, NE – Warren Buffett, the renowned billionaire investor, has been a long-time supporter of Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL). However, recent reports suggest that Buffett’s enthusiasm for the tech giant may be waning. In the fourth quarter of 2023, Buffett’s company, Berkshire Hathaway, reduced its stake in Apple. This decision was made prior to the announcement from the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) that they, along with 16 state and district attorneys general, were filing an antitrust lawsuit against Apple. The lawsuit alleges that Apple violated antitrust laws by maintaining a monopoly in the smartphone market. … Read more

Pro-XRP Lawyer John Deaton Takes Aim at Senator Elizabeth Warren in Race for Freedom

Boston, Massachusetts – John Deaton, a prominent lawyer known for his support of XRP, has launched an impassioned criticism against Senator Elizabeth Warren. Deaton has also taken aim at Warren’s connections to elite funding as she competes against him for a Senate seat. Deaton delivered a rallying cry to his supporters, declaring, “If I had the means to self-fund, I would do so, because the future of freedom is at stake.” He firmly rejected the influence of elites who contribute to Warren’s Senate campaign, stating, “Let’s send a message to the Washington elites that the … Read more

Attorney John Deaton Raises $500,000 for Senate Campaign, Calls for More Donations to Challenge Elizabeth Warren

BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS – John Deaton, a prominent lawyer, has made a significant donation to his campaign for the Senate seat against Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren. In a recent tweet, Attorney Deaton announced that he had contributed $500,000 of his personal funds to support his campaign. He expressed confidence in his ability to defeat the crypto-hostile senator in the upcoming Senate election in November 2024. Encouraging his followers on the X/Twitter platform, Deaton urged them to help him reach a fundraising goal of $1 million by March 31st. While the majority of his supporters are crypto … Read more