Newton Families Take Legal Action to End Ongoing Teacher Strike and Restore Education for Students

WOBURN, Mass. — Families in Newton, Massachusetts are seeking legal intervention to end the ongoing teachers’ strike that has led to seven consecutive school days of canceled classes. Lital Asher-Dotan, a mother of three Newton Public School students, filed a motion with the Middlesex Superior Court on Monday, arguing that the strike violates her children’s state constitutional right to a public education. Approximately 20 other families have also submitted letters supporting the motion. Although Massachusetts law prohibits teachers from striking, educators in five communities, including Brookline, Malden, Haverhill, Woburn, and Andover, have engaged in strikes … Read more

Hamilton County Judge Wende Cross Takes on Leadership Role to Transform Court System and Restore Trust

CINCINNATI, OHIO – Hamilton County Common Pleas Judge Wende Cross has been selected by her fellow judges to serve as the presiding and administrative judge in 2024. In this role, Judge Cross will be responsible for overseeing nonjudicial court operations and administrative duties. However, Judge Cross aims to bring about meaningful change during her tenure by prioritizing public engagement and increasing trust in the justice system. Judge Cross believes that it is crucial to demystify the legal process and promote a better understanding of how the court functions. One of her proposed initiatives includes organizing … Read more

Yucaipa City Faces Calls to Restore Public Trust After Grand Jury Investigation

YUCAIPA, Calif. (AP) — The San Bernardino County grand jury has issued a call to action for the city of Yucaipa to rebuild public trust. In its year-end report, the grand jury found no evidence of criminal wrongdoing but emphasized the need for the city to repair its relationship with the community. The panel expressed a desire to address the actions of the Yucaipa City Council and provide recommendations to regain the trust of the residents. The San Bernardino County civil grand jury is an annual entity that investigates local government agencies, although it does … Read more

Alaskans Rally Against Corruption: Citizens Fight to Restore Grand Jury Power

An Alaska grand jury indictment of Judge Margaret Murphy on felony perjury charges has sparked a wave of protests and calls for citizens’ rights to investigate government corruption. Over the years, concerned citizens like David Haeg have been documenting the erosion of the powers vested in grand juries, highlighting actions by the Supreme Court that they view as unconstitutional. According to Haeg, the power of grand juries to investigate and make recommendations concerning the public welfare or safety is enshrined in Article 1, Section 8 of the Alaska Constitution. Haeg argues that this right, second … Read more